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Reputed as one of the cycling athlete manufacturers in the United States, Cycling Uniform manufactures top-quality professional clothing for cyclers. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of world class athletic clothing, we have come a long way in becoming who we are today.
Our wide network of distributors and retailers was established with hard work and perseverance. We have time and again tried to understand the mind of cycling athletes and have brought value for them in our extensive catalog. Being a cycling uniform manufacturer, we have a team of high-end designers and fabric engineers who contribute a great deal to the research and development of better products over time.
Cycling Uniform keeps in mind the needs of different athletes be it men or women and designs its products accordingly to make sure that athletes can amp up their performance. Having worked with our retail and distributor partners for years now, we manufacture, customize, and wholesale cycling athletic apparel through our production units and other licensing agreements.
At Cycling Uniform, we are looking to expand our horizon further than ever before and our extensive catalog with over 3000+ samples and designs are just the thing you need to expand your niche into cycling apparel.

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