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Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Cycling Clothing for Winter

Cyclists always follow one motto, that there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. Hence, it is important that you select the ideal clothing for your exercise, irrespective of the weather conditions. Hence, it is important that you know about the ideal features that ultimately prove to be highly beneficial for your workout. Therefore, if you want to include such clothing in your store make sure to contact custom cycling clothing manufacturers. Instead of shying away from venturing outdoors for the regular cycling practise, it would be advisable to opt for effective clothing that will help you to perform well. Thus, read on to know more about the same in the blog below.

Always use a base layer

If you find the temperature to be above freezing point, then it will be advisable to opt for a full sleeved base layer which is made of a thin thermal fabric. A base layer that breathes well, will also keep your body safe from over-heating and allow the heat to pass through. In fact you can also opt for thermo regulated clothing that it will allow your core body temperature to remain stable and balance it with the exterior temperature.

You can find plenty of options in case of base layer. If you live in a chilly or a windy area then a base layer that has a protective shield is most advantageous. These will keep you warm without having to adorn a bulky jacket.

Buy gear that fits you perfectly

Most of the bad clothing decisions can be avoided by using clothing that fits you perfectly. Hence opt for such jackets or t-shirts that are not too loose nor too tight. This won’t act as a good barrier to protect you from the cold winds. Hence opt for such jackets that has opening in the wrists.

Similarly, clothing that is too small will restrict your circulation and breathing. T-shirts with small sleeves should be avoided in the summer season.

Custom Cycling Clothing

Opt for leg warmers instead of tights

Leg warmers will provide you with warmth but these wont necessarily provide heat to the rest of the lower body part. For cycling in the winter season you’ll need such clothing that will provide you with the required warmth yet be breathable enough. Similarly, don’t opt for too tight clothes only because will feel snug against your body. Sometimes such clothes will restrict with your movement and disrupt with your workout routine.

Cycling shorts is better

Many people simply opt for spandex tights as their choice of cycling bottom wear. Although these might be super comfortable for the ride, you won’t be able to experience comfort ability with continuous usage.

Hence, in such cases, you’ll need a pair of cycling shorts, made especially for the purpose and is constructed with workout specific features.


When it comes to fashion, you can find certain cycling uniform that are either designed in trendy patterns or stitched with interesting accents. Hence, you can opt for cycling tights that has mesh lining on the sides. These are not only super stylish in nature but adds an extra breathability factor.

Retailers who want to include custom cycling clothing in their store can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturer. To include such clothing in your store, all you need to do is browse through the clothing collection and select the required pieces fro the same. You can even get discount on the selected products, hence hurry!

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