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Top Cycling Shorts Designs That are Rocking Today!

Cycling is a workout intensive sport and there are a lot of prerequisites that need to be fulfilled for cycling apparel to be fully functional. But today, we are not going to dip ourselves in technicality.

Rather, we are going to explore the various designs of cycling shorts that are making a serious impression on international cycling tours. If you are a sports or fitness retailer who deals in wholesale cycling shorts, then these are the designs you should definitely consider.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the top trends –

Trend 1: The Rainbow Side panel

With LGBTQ progress all over the world and people becoming more acceptable of the community, many artists and sportspersons are showing solidarity with this design. As far as cycling athletes are concerned, it is no different.

The most common rainbow side panel design is based on a black background with the lining by the side of the thighs made with rainbow colors.

However, the base color does not have to be limited by black alone and you can easily find tons of other bases. As a cycling clothing retailer, you are even free to add your own customizations and what you think will fit the trend better!

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Trend 2: Embossing logo on colored side panels

One might be surprised to the amount of pop color use that happens with cycling shorts – so much so that it is a real trend now. There is the pop colored side branding, which is generally made on one thigh, and is a staple of private label cycling shorts manufacturers.

For regular retailers, the trend is more steeped into a pop color side seam on the shorts – and that is really no less attractive. You can, in fact, have your own custom ideas put forward as to how you want to play with pop colors on your bulk orders.

There are a multitude of color options available, whether you are looking at pop tones of yellow, orange, blue, or some other color!

Trend 3: Abstract color prints

Whoever said that cycling clothing has to be geared in black or white color base? Because even if that is the norm, this cycling shorts trend is definitely not going to stick by it.

Abstract color designs on cycling shorts is the new IT and while not a whole lot of athletes may be able to stomach it, some definitely will.

The designs are based on different print patterns and this one can well be used as a fashionable outerwear like celebs do (check out Kim K’s look to get a reference!

These designs are created through sublimation and other printing patterns that manufacturers have found out so that it takes nothing away from the athleticism and functionality.

Following the lines of these popular trends can make a huge difference in your sales and you may even be able to attract customers who are looking for outerwear options! Also, don’t be shy to play with your own ideas and submit your cycling shorts prospects to your custom manufacturer today!

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